About Me

Photo by Roman Fedotov

Hi, my name is Jan, I live in San Francisco, California, I was born in a nice European city that has changed its name since then and grew up in a small town near Moscow that doesn’t exist anymore. My teens spanned the low-gravity epoch of 1990s which was an amazing time in terms of not giving me the feeling of connection to anything rather than rock’n’roll music that I was listening to from the day one on my parents’ stereo.

I’m an indie musician, indie writer, indie everything. I primarily talk about space, time and melancholy, and, on a random basis, I try to make you laugh. My writing is mostly in Russian, although some of it (including song lyrics) is in English, because, as you already know, I have Beatles records on my DNA.

I have a band Vishnu’s Eyes which is here, and I also do some photography which can be (sceptically) viewed here.

Quite often I release singles, EPs, albums, books, iBooks, multimedia books that incorporate all the things I do. Music videos and live performances happen time to time. You can find all the links in the top bar, right? It’s super easy to navigate here.

If you want to hang, hit me up on Facebook, maybe we can talk.

That’s it for now, hope you’ll enjoy your stay here. Have fun!