My way from home to the office lies through the dense city outskirts, littered with food packaging, crushed tin cans and cardboard bits scattered across the dark asphalt. I move past yet naked spring trees, rigid factory buildings towering on the horizon, pulpy green hills, someone’s deep wrinkles and soft hairs waving in the air. Right here in my hard seat, slightly bent over my phone, I’m being carried an insignificant distance on the surface of this old planet as misshaped moons keep hovering over the empty Martian seas.

Everyone is static. There is no movement in the corner of the driver’s eye. She stands in her cabin, in front of her wheel, her glance strictly parallel to the shiny lightrail, lips slightly open in attempt to phrase the unphrasable. There is no next stop, this route is not going to end, this highly improbable quantum state is going to last forever in the the vast backyard of the filthy multiverse.

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